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J & J to Begin Settling Pinnacle Hip Claims

It is not entirely clear whether this latest settlement would cover all remaining Pinnacle lawsuits. Over the past two years, Dallas juries have ordered J & J to pay nearly $1.7 billion…

Pre-Settlement Funding for Invokana Lawsuits

“Kevin” (not a real person) was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes in his mid-20s. His doctor suggested a new drug from a leading pharmaceutical company that would help manage his symptoms. Desperate for relief, Kevin embarked on a regimen with Invokana. It wasn’t long before troubling symptoms began appearing.

Recovering from the Surgery That Knocked Your Life out of Joint

After a hip replacement gone bad, you may have to retire much earlier than you planned. Your earning potential already has been crippled, and it’s only shrinking further. The pain and illness that the medical device has caused is burning through your finances and led you to consider pre-settlement funding. Call USClaims today to find out how we can help.

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