Settled Case Funding

USClaims offers settled case funding to provide attorneys and law firms with advances against their expected fees on settled cases.

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Why Choose USClaims?

USClaims has been working with attorneys for over 20 years providing both funding for plaintiffs and law firms. Attorneys consistently vote USClaims the best funding company to work with. With our Settled Case Funding option, you can get up to 50% of the expected fee within a day of approval at very attractive rates.

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How Does Case Funding Work?

Complete a short application followed by a rapid review. USClaims will fund up to 50% of the expected fee on settled cases. Funds are often delivered within 1 day of approval.

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Eligible Cases

Any settled case. Call to free (877) USClaims for details.

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USClaims Advantages

What is Post-Settlement Funding?


As an attorney you get to enjoy the feeling of victory when you have settled a case in favor of your plaintiff.  At times the judge is the one who informs you of your victory and at other times your artful negotiation skills are able to get the proper amount awarded to your client.  Even when you win your case, you know that you aren’t able to simply get a check handed right over to you and your client.   It can take weeks or even longer to collect a payment and in the meantime you still have a staff and overhead to maintain.

With post-settlement funding we understand that you have already done the hard part of winning the case and now are in need of an advance on a portion of the funds you are owed.  Our team understands your position and with our rapid review process we can provide you funding of up to 50% of your expected fee within 1 day of approval.

Common Questions about Settled Case Funding


If you haven’t used settled case funding before in your practice we understand that you may have questions.  While we certainly are happy to get on the phone with you to answer any questions when you call us at (877) USClaims please read on below to get the answers to the most common questions we get asked by attorneys.

Question: What documentation is required for settled case funding?

Answer: To help you get an approval from USClaims as quickly as possible please be prepared to share a copy of the fully executed settlement agreement and the amount of funding requested. If you have additional questions on documentation please don’t hesitate to call us toll free at (877) USClaims.

Question: How much of my fees can I collect with a settled case funding solution?

Answer: USClaims can fund varying amounts of your settled case fees due you up to 50% of the amount that you are owed.

Question: What type of attorney loan is a post-settlement funding solution?

Answer: A post-settlement loan or a settled case legal funding is a non-recourse loan.  A non-recourse loan means if, for some reason, the defendant didn’t pay you aren’t liable for paying back the funds received.

Question: Can my bank provide an attorney with a pre-settlement loan?

Answer: Banks aren’t in the business of providing pre-settlement loans as it doesn’t fit within their standard offering of financial solutions. At USClaims we are attorneys as well and we understand the needs of lawyers who settle cases and are also in need of cash in advance of receiving payment from the defendant.

Question: Is post-settlement funding the right solution for my firm?

Answer: Settled case funding, or post-settlement funding, from USClaims is another tool for your firm to leverage as you operate your legal practice.  While you might have a business line of credit, business credit cards, etc. a post-settlement loan is one that is non-recourse and based specifically off of known cash flow that is due your firm which can help you to effectively manage your revenue.


We work seamlessly with attorneys and their clients across the country.

We value relationships and are mindful that funding should not interfere with your ability to get the case settled.
Donna Lee Jones, Esq.<br><small style="font-size:50%;"><strong>USClaims President</strong></small>

Donna Lee Jones, Esq.
USClaims President

"We are committed to our mission of providing essential funds to plaintiffs, so their attorneys have the time to pursue fair settlements. You can trust USClaims to get the job done fast and done well."

Have Questions?

Our pre-settlement funding experts will walk you through our entire process.
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