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How Common Are Wrongful Convictions?
Sadly, wrongful convictions are far more common than anyone may realize. Wrongful convictions often devastate families, ruin lives,...
Are Slip and Fall Cases Hard to...
Just because a person slips and falls on another person’s property does not mean that there is a...
How Does Interest Work on a Pre-Settlement...
When considering your options for paying your bills while waiting for a personal injury claim to settle, be...

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Checking Out Legal Funding Providers? ALFA Is a Good Bet

If you’re like most people who contact USClaims, you’ve never filed a civil case before. All of this is probably pretty new to you, including the idea that companies like USClaims offer pre-settlement funding: money to help you cover your living expenses while you’re coping with the legal costs of your lawsuit.

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Meet the USClaims Team

Your lawsuit is pending. Your attorney feels good about your case, but the first court date is more than two months away. In the meantime, the household bills continue to arrive – the mortgage, gas and electric, phone; it never stops.

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Funding Justice for All

The insurance industry wants you – and our elected officials – to believe that litigation funding providers fund “frivolous” lawsuits. The problem with that idea is that USClaims receives repayment of its litigation and pre-settlement funding only if the lawsuit in question is successful.

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