Don’t Let a Big Rig Drive Your Finances Off the Road

Dont-Let-a-Big-Rig-Drive-Your-Finances-Off-the-RoadAfter a restful holiday weekend visiting his family, “Jerome” (not a real person) was driving his wife and son home on the interstate late on a Sunday night. As he passed a slow-moving tractor-trailer, the big rig suddenly veered into Jerome’s lane, sending their small car off the road and into a ditch.

Miraculously, nobody was seriously hurt, but the car was a total loss. While waiting for emergency vehicles to arrive, Jerome confronted the trucker, who had pulled over to offer assistance. Though friendly and apologetic, he was guarded and evasive, and yawned more than once during their talk. He claimed to have struck a small animal that had darted in front of his truck and skidded out of control, but Jerome was suspicious of that story.

Over the next few days, as the investigation into the accident continued, it seemed likely that there was more than simple driver error at work. No one found evidence of animal remains at the scene of the accident, and Jerome learned that this driver had been cited for falsifying his driving records in the past. One day, the driver had even spent 14 hours on the road, in violation of federal guidelines, and his trucking company might have been complicit in the illegal action.

The crash had made Jerome jittery. His daily commute was now a nervous ordeal, and he found himself avoiding highways and freeways whenever possible, making him late for work on several occasions. The cost of replacing his vehicle made such lapses at his workplace even more costly.

With his lawsuit against the trucking company proceeding at a snail’s pace, and his finances stretched thin from the purchase of a new vehicle, Jerome faced a serious problem. His lawyer suggested he contact USClaims to help him secure pre-settlement funding to meet his and his family’s needs. If you’re having trouble meeting your expenses while waiting for a legal settlement or a judgment related to a truck accident, USClaims can help provide the financial support you need.

At USClaims, we offer pre-settlement funding, if a case is qualified for pre-settlement funding then we would purchase a portion of the proceeds of the anticipated court judgment or settlement for some cash now. USClaims only gets paid if a case is won or has reached a settlement! Apply now or call us today at 1-877-USCLAIMS to learn more.

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