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COVID-19 and Personal Injury Claims: Developing Issues...
Like many facets of the legal industry these days, personal injury claims have also been impacted by the...
Health and Safety Considerations in Re-Opening Your...
With many states beginning to adjust their coronavirus health guidelines, law firms that shifted to remote work during...
Creative Uses of Social Media in Personal...
Social media has forever altered the way we communicate and engage with our friends, family, and our society...

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Serious Burn Injury Cases

According to the American Burn Association, there were 486,000 burn injuries in the United States that required medical treatments . If you are representing a client that has suffered a serious burn injury, they may be entitled to substantial compensation for their injuries…

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Attorneys, Let Us Help You Take the Pressure off Your Clients

If you are working on behalf of a client struggling to pay their bills due to a pending lawsuit settlement, call USClaims. Our pre-settlement funding can help your client make ends meet. If you have not previously referred clients to businesses who offer pre-settlement funding, we would like to be the first company you work with.

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Attorneys Can Help Clients Facing Financial Pressures

As an attorney, you are naturally an advocate for your client, but you are also a solution provider. A client who isn’t preoccupied with collection notices and dwindling bank balances is a client who will be more committed to seeing their civil case through. With our pre-settlement funding, we can help you help your client.

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Lawyers, Make Sure Your Client Can Stay on the Case

The prosecution of a civil lawsuit is a complicated and time-consuming process. One of the more unpleasant experiences of being an attorney is having to watch a client with a meritorious civil case prematurely abandon the quest for justice because he is unable meet his living expenses.

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What Pre-Settlement Funding is – and is Not

When a USClaims client who is facing a long and difficult legal battle against a deep-pocketed defendant receives a payment check from us, that client makes no promise to “pay back” USClaims. That’s because pre-settlement funding is properly categorized as a sale of an asset, not a loan.

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