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COVID-19 and Personal Injury Claims: Developing Issues...
Like many facets of the legal industry these days, personal injury claims have also been impacted by the...
Health and Safety Considerations in Re-Opening Your...
With many states beginning to adjust their coronavirus health guidelines, law firms that shifted to remote work during...
Creative Uses of Social Media in Personal...
Social media has forever altered the way we communicate and engage with our friends, family, and our society...

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What Clients are Saying About USClaims

Plaintiffs’ attorneys know that no matter how strong a client’s case might be, they won’t be able to see it through to a just and fair completion if their circumstances and ongoing living expenses leave them financially unable to wait for a fair ending.

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Do the Math

Litigation funding has become much more popular these days, with many more companies joining the industry. There are more options to choose from and attorneys and their clients must choose wisely. Attorneys need to do due diligence to make sure litigation funding is right for their client.

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Debunking the Biggest Litigation Funding Myth in Four Steps

A lot of misconceptions surround litigation funding, and the biggest one is that it is a loan. However, settlement funding is not a loan. The settlement advance company actually purchases the anticipated proceeds of the case from the plaintiff, meaning the plaintiff is no longer at risk if the case is lost.

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What is Pre-Settlement Funding Worth?

Pre-settlement funding is more than just an amount of money received from the sale of future legal settlements. It has an incredible amount of worth to plaintiffs and their families who are struggling to get by as they wait for their cases to be settled. Opponents would have consumers believe that there is no value, but consider the alternatives: ruined credit, eviction, foreclosure, and more.

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