Top 10 Podcasts for Lawyers

With so many of us having extra time on our hands, podcasts can be an easy and low-cost way to stay connected to the legal industry.

The past few years have seen an explosion in the popularity of podcasting. Many attorneys have been subscribing to and downloading these on-demand programs to learn about new legal issues, to track current cases, or to entertain themselves with some law-themed humor. Podcasts are so popular, in part, because of their convenience – you can listen to them during your commute, while you’re exercising at the gym, or have them playing in the house while you’re working on chores. During the current health crisis, however, with so many of us having extra time on our hands, podcasts can be an easy and low-cost way to stay connected to the legal industry. Here are some of our favorite legal podcasts. Many of these shows can be found on iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Play, or The Legal Talk Network.

ABA Journal: Legal Rebel

Looking for some legal inspiration? In this monthly program, ABA Journal legal affairs writers Stephanie Ward and Lyle Moran showcase the country’s legal rebels – the men and women who are reshaping the legal profession. Ward and Moran discuss how these legal pioneers are changing the way law is practiced and how their actions create new standards that will guide the future of law.

Gen Why Lawyer

Hosted by millennial attorney Nicole Abboud, this podcast explores issues relevant to young attorneys: finding inspiration and empowerment in your career, kindness to yourself and in the workplace, and advice on modern law practice management. Abboud focuses on how young attorneys can craft a meaningful life and career. Although this podcast is no longer in production (2015-2019), the content continues to resonate with attorneys of all ages.

Judge John Hodgman

If you’re in need of some law-themed humor, pay a visit to the fictional courtroom of Judge John Hodgman. Every week, humorist “Judge” John Hodgman and his co-host “Baliff” Jesse Thorn adjudicate real-life and often hilariously awkward disputes between spouses, co-workers, family members, friends, and more. Judge John Hodgman has been bringing the laughs since 2010.

The Law Entrepreneur

Ever wish that your law school had offered a class in “how to run a law firm”? This is where host Neil Tyra steps in. The podcast covers the business of running a successful law practice: developing a niche area, paying off student loans, leveraging your professional network, and other issues related to the business of law. Tyra interviews lawyers and industry experts about the challenges they’ve faced and advice for new law firm owners. The Law Entrepreneur posts episodes every other week.

Lawyer 2 Lawyer

In this bi-monthly podcast, attorneys Robert Ambrogi and J. Craig Williams discuss current legal events and recent court rulings. The hosts often invite other attorneys and industry professionals to hash out hot-topic or controversial legal issues. Lawyer 2 Lawyer is an award-winning podcast that’s been in production since 2005. Popular topics include access to justice, legal technology, law school, and the future of the legal industry.


Every week, hosts Sam Glover and Aaron Street discuss the nuts and bolts of practicing law. Drawing from guest interviews with industry experts as well as their own experience with solos and startups, this duo covers the management of small law firms and the future of the legal profession. Popular topics include innovative business models, legal technology, marketing, and ethics.

Legal Toolkit

Want to improve your management skills? In this monthly podcast, hosts Heidi Alexander and Jared Correia focus on law practice management. They discuss trends, technology, tools, and tips for building your “legal toolkit” and becoming a better attorney and more effective manager. Each episode features an interview with a high-profile attorney or business professional who shares stories and advice about how they have improved their own practice management.

Maximum Lawyer

Learn how to be a maximum lawyer. In this podcast, marketing-savvy attorneys Jim Hacking and Tyson Mutrux explore the business of running a law firm. Twice a week, they discuss a wide variety of topics, including lead generation, marketing, hiring the right team, and law firm management. They also address the growing pains and mental health issues that solo and small law firm owners frequently face. Maximum Lawyer has been in production since 2016.

Reasonable Doubt

In this weekly podcast, criminal defense attorney Mark Geragos teams up with comedian Adam Carolla to discuss the country’s high-profile legal cases. The pair examine how current laws affect our society and how current events are brought to the forefront. There is also a fair amount of pop culture banter. Geragos, whose clients have included Michael Jackson, Colin Kaepernick, and Scott Peterson, shares his experiences from past cases.

Resilient Lawyer

This podcast is for attorneys looking for more balance, joy, and satisfaction in their personal and professional life. Each month, host Jeena Cho speaks with lawyers, entrepreneurs, mentors, and teachers who have learned to be more resilient and are living with authenticity and courage. The guests share tools and strategies for connecting the dots between our physical, mental, and emotional selves. Resilient Lawyer has been in production since 2015.

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