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Introducing the Secret to Improving Your Firm’s Cash Flow

Personal injury law firm lending has historically been either impossible to get or obscenely expensive. Now, USClaims Lending has a better way. For qualified firms we will provide working capital lines of credit and term loans secured by your practice’s inventory of cases and future fees.

Why should you receive lending from USClaims lending?

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Immediate capital to grow your firm. Revolving lines of credit & term loans from $1M – $5M.

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Founded in 1996, we are financially stable, secure, and consistently voted the best funder in the USA.

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A fast, easy, and confidential process where the only collateral is your fee in the litigation.

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No hidden fees, monthly payments, or cash sweep.
We receive only a fraction of legal fees collected so your net cash flow remains strong.

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Preferential pre-settlement funding rates & world-class service for your clients who need it.

Who is eligible to improve their cash flow with USClaims lending?

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Firms with a strong portfolio of diversified personal injury cases.

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Firms with a demonstrable historical track record of performance.

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Firms that are consistently profitable but need capital to grow now.

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Firms whose principles have a history of integrity.

Advantages of Law Firms Using Attorney Loans

While legal financing has been around since the late 1990’s it hasn’t been adopted by many firms because they either weren’t aware of this type of financing or didn’t understand the advantages it could provide for their firm.   As you research how legal financing for your firm could help consider the following:

  • Non-Recourse Loan: Legal financing is based on the success of your cases.  If your case is ultimately unsuccessful you don’t have to pay any fees.
  • Unexpected Costs: Each case you take on is different and can have unexpected costs to help you to achieve the settlement your client deserves.  Legal financing can give you the needed funds to help cover unexpected costs of litigation.
  • Bigger Cases: Cases with larger settlement opportunities can take longer and you can incur much larger expenses such as expert testimony and research.  With legal financing you can take on the larger cases because we provide you essential funds long before you earn your settlement.
  • Confidence to Wait: A law firm’s bills don’t stop but your cases can take months or years to settle. With legal financing in place you can avoid the temptation of settling too low because you have the necessary financial resources in place.

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Our pre-settlement funding experts will walk you through our entire process.


What is legal financing for attorneys?

Legal financing is lending based on a single case or a portfolio of cases where the financing is tied to the outcome of the case.  The financial product could be a line of credit or a term loan.

Why wouldn’t I just get a loan from my bank?

 While you could have a business loan or line of credit from your bank those are traditionally recourse loans where you would be held responsible for the amount borrowed regardless of the outcome of your case.  

How can legal financing help my law practice?

With the length of time it can take to reach settlements, legal financing is a tool that can help your firm with cash flow. 

What is the downside of legal financing?

As with any financial product there is a cost involved.  While our funding is cost effective you still should consider the cost of capital and how it impacts your overall business.

Does the legal financing company get involved with my case?

No, our role is financing and we will not get involved with the legal aspects of your case.

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