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Dental problems can quickly escalate to something serious if they are not addressed in time. Even if someone is diligent with their dental hygiene and getting regular dental check-ups and cleanings, certain types of accidents can cause damage or trauma to the mouth. Depending on the severity of the damage, dental oral surgery may be needed. Technically speaking, dental surgery is any type of oral procedure that involves the cutting, removal, or reflection of dental tissue. Some examples of the many types of dental oral surgeries include:

  • Periodontal surgery
  • Dental biopsy
  • Apical surgery
  • Implant surgery
  • Surgical extractions of teeth

After being involved in a traumatic event, such as a sports injury or accident, an injury victim may sustain significant damage to the mouth that can be extremely painful. Serious damage to one or multiple teeth can also put those teeth at risk of needing to be extracted, but dental oral surgery works to repair that damage with the hopes of saving any chipped or broken teeth. In cases of severe injuries, however, teeth can get completely knocked out or dislodged as the result of an accident or injury. If this happens, a more complex dental procedure may be needed to repair the damage.

Dental oral surgery often falls under endodontic treatment. While your regular dentist can technically perform the surgery and may be able to, these types of complex procedures are often referred to endodontists, who are dentists that are specially trained in these types of surgeries. Endodontists can also be better at finding and diagnosing the underlying causes of certain types of dental pain.

Typically, these types of traumatic injuries require immediate dental attention, depending on the extent of the damage. If you are unable to immediately see a dentist following an accident for whatever reason, or you have other injuries that need to be treated in a hospital, dental injuries can sometimes be immediately addressed in an emergency room. For example, suturing lacerations in accident and emergency departments is often the first step in immediately addressing serious and traumatic dental injuries. However, you should always follow up with a dentist as soon as possible, as dental oral surgery may be needed as part of your treatment plan. Additionally, it may not always be obvious which tooth or teeth have been affected, because neighboring teeth may also be severely damaged, and this damage may not be apparent until a dentist performs a thorough exam and takes x-rays.

Pediatric dental injuries sometimes differ. Because these often involve primary teeth that are still developing, many cases do not involve dental oral surgery the way they would for adults. However, they still require immediate attention and often require some form of prompt treatment to ensure serious problems don’t eventually develop and affect the permanent teeth.
Urgent dental injuries that require immediate attention often result from accidents, and this can include a wide range of accidents. Sometimes, these accidents are the result of someone else’s negligence, and may also include other serious injuries as well. For example, if a negligent driver was the cause of your car accident, you may have sustained a wide range of injuries. These injuries may also include severe dental injuries that require dental oral surgery to repair, and you may be eligible to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. Dental injuries may also result from a slip and fall accident, which may result in a premises liability lawsuit, depending on the details of the incident.

If you require dental oral surgery following an accident, you may be counting on the money from your personal injury settlement if the negligence of another is determined to be the cause of your injuries. Dental treatments in general can be pricey, but surgery can be on a whole different level when it comes to cost. Dental insurance may only cover a small portion of dental oral surgery, depending on the procedure and the type of coverage you have, and while this may help, it may still be unaffordable. For patients without dental insurance, getting dental oral surgery just may not be financially feasible for the time being. Instead of putting off a much-needed surgery or turning to costly solutions, such as credit cards or loans, you can turn to USClaims for a much more viable solution.

At USClaims, our pre-settlement funding services help plaintiffs nationwide receive money when they need it most. Because lawsuits can be somewhat unpredictable when it comes to how long they will take to finalize and pay out, pre-settlement funding is an ideal way to receive that money sooner and without the long wait. We offer a wide range of legal funding services, including surgery funding for plaintiffs who are waiting to settle injury lawsuits and use their money for much-needed operations. Contact USClaims today to find out more and to determine if your case is eligible.

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