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Millions of Americans own bicycles. While some mostly ride for recreation and exercise, others may depend on them for daily transportation. While bicycling can be an enjoyable activity, it is also crucial to be aware of your surroundings, especially if you’re biking on a street and sharing the road with vehicles. Alas, even when bicyclists take all proper precautions, it can be a careless driver that is the direct cause of a devastating bicycle accident. Even when bicyclists are wearing their helmets, the impact of a car can still cause serious injury. In some cases of bicycle accidents, the injuries are so severe that they’re fatal.

Common types of bicycle accident injuries include, but are not limited to:

  • Head and neck injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Bone fractures
  • Jaw and dental injuries
  • Joint dislocation

The statistics surrounding injuries and deaths related to bicycle accidents are tragic and alarming. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that in one recent year, there were approximately 467,000 injuries resulting from bicycle accidents and more than 1,000 fatalities. They also report that adults aged 50-59 years, as well as children and adolescents from 5-19 years are at the highest risk. Statistics from the CDC also reveal that approximately 37 percent of fatal bicycle accidents involved alcohol.

Some of the common types of bicycle accidents which result in injuries and claims for compensation may include:

There are certain precautions that cyclists can take to minimize their chances of getting into an accident. For starters, it is imperative that all bicyclists, regardless of age and experience, always wear properly-fitted helmets. Doing so can potentially reduce head injuries in the event of an accident. It’s also recommended that bicyclists wear clothing that makes them more visible to motorists. During the day, try to stick to fluorescent clothing. If you’re riding your bike at night, retro-reflective clothing can also significantly help drivers see you. You’ll also want to add active lighting to your bicycle to help lower your risk of an accident as much as possible.

Sadly, there are many cases in which bicyclists go above and beyond to prevent these accidents from occurring, yet they still happen. Motorists must still do their parts to drive responsibly and be on the lookout for bicyclists. When drivers are negligent and injure a bicyclist, a personal injury lawsuit may result.

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