Other Animal Bites

Other Animal Bites

Animal bites can be painful and traumatizing; they can not only cause physical pain and damage, but they can also emotionally and mentally affect victims as well. Depending on the incident or extent of the attack, victims may be permanently frightened of certain animals and situations after a serious animal bite. Although the majority of animal bites that are reported involve dogs (in fact, it has been reported that 85 to 90 percent of all reported animal bites are dog bites), there are also other animal bites that have been reported. In fact, with there being a reported two to five million animal bites happening annually in the United States, it is no surprise that other animals have been reported to bite people.

Although wild animals have been known to bite and attack people, animal bite reports also frequently involve household pets. UpToDate shares that aside from dog bites, some of the most commonly reported animal bites include:

  • Cat bites
  • Rodent bite
  • Squirrel bites
  • Guinea pig bites
  • Rabbit bites

The World Health Organization (WHO) also reports that monkey and snake bites can also be dangerous and painful, and happen more often than people think. The organization shares that up to five million worldwide are bitten by snakes, and because some snakes are poisonous, these bites cause 94,000 to 125,000 fatalities. Again, while a lot of these deaths are likely to fall in the wild animal category, many people keep snakes as pets. No matter what type of pet someone has, it’s always their responsibility to ensure that their pet does not harm others. If a pet owner is negligent and their pet bites or attacks someone else, they may be found liable for those injuries in a lawsuit.

The WHO also reports that cat bites are the second most common type of animal bite that occurs, and accounts for two to 50 percent of all animal bites worldwide. In the United States specifically, approximately 400,000 people are bitten by cats each year, resulting in about 66,000 emergency room department visits. At first glance, cats may not seem like a major threat, and cat bites may not like anything severe. However, cat bites can result in painful infections that can rapidly progress to something serious. Additionally, cat bites can also result in rabies.

UpToDate also points out that some people may be more at risk of developing serious complications resulting from animal bites. Increased risk could depend on where the animal bit the individual, or the individual’s existing health conditions, For instance, if the animal bit the victim on the hand, foot, or head, this could result in a serious wound that requires immediate medical attention. If the bite victim hasn’t had a tetanus shot in five or more years, he or she could also be at risk of developing serious complications. Certain health conditions, such as HIV, cancer, diabetes, liver disease, and specific medications may also put a bite victim at risk of severe reactions and complications.

It is important to completely clean the wound and seek medical attention immediately after an animal bite, no matter how minor it may seem at first or the type of animal involved. If any skin was punctured, it is important to remember that serious complications can develop quickly, and a prompt medical evaluation can make all the difference. Depending on the doctor’s assessment, animal bite victims will be prescribed a course of antibiotics to help fight any potential infections. More serious cases may require more aggressive treatments and therapies, such as surgeries. Before and after seeking medical care, animal bite victims should continue to monitor their wounds for any potential signs of infection, or an infection that’s worsening. Some signs to look out for include an increase in pain, discharge, fever, and warmth/redness.

If you’re dealing with the emotional stress and physical pain of an animal bite, plus any potential complications that may have resulted, the last thing you need to stress about is your lawsuit. Alas, many plaintiffs are concerned about the timeline of their lawsuits and may wonder when they can expect to receive money. Because there are a lot of different factors that go into settling animal bite lawsuits, it can be difficult for your attorney to pinpoint just how long everything will take to finalize. However, at USClaims, we do offer a widely used option that can help you receive money sooner. This option is known as pre-settlement funding, which is also commonly known as a lawsuit advance and can help you receive money sooner without the long wait that typically goes hand-in-hand with injury lawsuits.

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