Personal Injury

Personal Injury

A personal injury lawsuit can arise in a number of situations, and when one party’s negligence results in the harm of another. Individuals, businesses, and product manufacturers are just some of the many examples of those who may be found liable in a personal injury case. A personal injury victim often finds themselves dealing with pain and suffering, extensive medical bills, and lost wages after being harmed; this can even happen when the injuries are somewhat minor. In more severe cases, a personal injury can be permanent and affect the victim’s quality of life forever.

Some of the common types of personal injury cases a victim may be involved in include, but not limited to:

The number of accidents and injuries that occur across the country each year is staggering. The National Center for Health Statistics recently reported that approximately 31 million individuals sustain a personal injury nationwide annually. While not all of these injuries resulted in personal injury lawsuits, statistics from the U.S. Department of Justice also show that more than half of all injury cases (52 percent) are directly related to car accidents. A car accident lawsuit can result from a number of different causes, including a drunk driver, distracted driver, defective automobile, and so on.

Dealing with a personal injury, especially a serious injury, can be traumatic and shocking. Many injury victims are still trying to process the accident and the injuries that have followed. For some victims, their lives are forever changed and their injuries may be permanent. On top of everything, they may have bills and expenses accumulating. A settlement from a personal injury lawsuit may not make up for the harm that was caused, but it can help victims fight for their right for the justice they deserve. It can also help them cover any expenses, such as medical bills and loss of wages, that were the direct cause of another party’s negligence.

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