Millions of Medical Malpractice Incidents Per Year From Misdiagnosis

misdiagnosis lawsuitWhile only a very small number of hospital visits result in medical malpractice, it’s still a very real concern for any person who entrusts their well-being to a physician. Sometimes medical malpractice is the result of a simple misdiagnosis error, whose effects are compounded over time as medical professionals fail to seek additional opinions or let their bias for past results stand, even in the face of evidence to the contrary. In rare cases, patients are actively deceived by their doctors as to the extent of the error. If you are a victim of a medical misdiagnosis you may be entitled to compensation due to their negligence in a misdiagnosis lawsuit.

According to the BMJ, British Medical Journal), nearly 12 million people per year in outpatient settings suffer from misdiagnosis errors, which in many cases may result in a misdiagnosis lawsuit against the medical professionals responsible. This seemingly simple mistake can have serious consequences for patients, causing long-term health problems that affect their daily life for an extended period of time. Some recent examples include:

Paralysis Due to a Bad Stent-graft

Justin Malone of Los Angeles County received a stent-graft for a ruptured aorta he suffered following a motorcycle accident in 2010. A year later, it was discovered that there was a clot in his stent that cut off circulation in his lower body. Too late for treatment, Malone now suffers from permanent paralysis.

Advanced Breast Cancer Discovered Late

After multiple mammograms in 2012 and 2013, Pennsylvania’s Ewa Kesicka was told by radiologists that there was no sign of breast cancer. Despite their findings, Kesicka was diagnosed in late 2013 with stage 3 breast cancer and “forced to endure painful and invasive surgeries that otherwise would not have been necessary,” according to her lawyer. As a result of the late diagnosis and treatment, Kesicka’s cancer could return, a possibility that plagues her thoughts every day.

Wrong Dosage For Infant Twins

Even the rich and famous aren’t immune to the hazards of medical malpractice. When the twins of actor Dennis Quaid and his wife Kimberly were diagnosed with staph infections in 2007, they were given 1,000 times the proper dosage of Heparin, a blood-thinning medication. The hospital tried to hide its error, even as the twins were placed in critical condition. They fortunately survived.

While the Quaids’ case was undoubtedly harrowing on a personal level, their financial situation made the realities of the situation a little more bearable. But what would happen to you if a similar tragedy struck? If you or one of your loved ones were suffering from medical issues brought on by a misdiagnosis, would you be able to pay the bills while you received additional treatment? What if you had to miss work for an extended period of time?

If you’re having trouble meeting your expenses while waiting for a legal settlement or a judgment related to a medical misdiagnosis lawsuit, USClaims can help provide the financial support you need.

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