Does Vaping Increase the Chances of Heart Disease?

Vaping and Heart Disease Risk


Most of us have recently heard about the dangers associated with vaping, particularly for teens and young adults. In fact, according to, state officials are now investigating a nationwide outbreak of severe respiratory illnesses. Both federal and state officials have reported hundreds of cases of pulmonary disease, as well as several deaths, which could potentially be related to vaping. The numbers associated with vaping are truly startling—more than 3.6 million middle and high school students currently vape. The most worrisome part of this is that young people, by and large, believe vaping is perfectly safe.

Yet Juul—currently the most popular vaping device on the market—now offers vape liquid made from loose-leaf tobacco nicotine salts instead of the free-base nicotine found in most e-cigarette liquids. The user experiences a higher concentration of nicotine, therefore a much more addictive dose. Because e-cigarettes or vaping devices tend to have fewer chemicals than regular cigarettes, the industry has presented them as a much healthier alternative.  that vaping significantly increases the risk that a teen will later smoke regular cigarettes.

Further, there is evidence showing the   Nicotine has also been shown to interfere with attention processing as well as memory. So, aside from exploding vape pens, respiratory illnesses, and addiction to nicotine—as if this weren’t enough—there is now some data which suggests that vaping may also increase the risk of heart disease.

Does Vaping Increase the Risk of Heart Attack, Heart Disease, and Stroke?

WebMD quoted federal survey data, which revealed that, compared with those who do not vape, those who do could be significantly increasing their odds of a stroke, heart attack, or heart disease. In fact, the study determined that those who regularly vape or use e-cigarettes have a:

  • 71 percent higher risk of stroke;
  • 59 percent higher risk of angina or heart attack, and
  • 40 percent higher risk of heart disease.

These increased health risks being linked to vaping held strong, even after such factors as diabetes, excess weight, and age were taken into account. Chairman of neurology at the Lexington, Kentucky Neuroscience Institute, Dr. Paul Ndunda, says this is the first real data we are seeing which links vaping with “hard cardiovascular events,” and that it is “quite a concern.” This particular study concluded that within the past month, about three percent of adults and eleven percent of high school students reported vaping within the prior month, and that vaping among young people increased by 900 percent.

Studies Unclear on Whether Nicotine in E-Cigarettes is Responsible for Heart Issues

Ndunda pointed out that it was unclear whether the nicotine in e-cigarettes is responsible for heart problems since prior studies have not linked nicotine to plaque formation in the blood vessels. Unfortunately, there are a plethora of additional chemicals found in e-cigarettes, which could be the link to increased inflammation in the blood vessel linings, leading to clogged arteries, stroke and clot formation. This is particularly bad news for teens and young adults who begin vaping at a very young age. In addition to lung inflammation and resulting respiratory illnesses, this group may also have heart disease in their future.

Getting the Help You Need Following Respiratory or Heart Disease Diagnosis Due to Vaping

The research associated with vaping and e-cigarettes is relatively new; however, more and more people who vape are being diagnosed with serious illnesses. When a person is diagnosed with an illness related to vaping, they nearly always need financial assistance. Once you have found an Attorney and started a lawsuit claim then contact USClaims for further help. The ability to get treatment for injuries and assistance with vaping-related expenses can, unfortunately, be limited, however, help can come from USClaims. At USClaims, pre-settlement funding can help pay those unexpected expenses (including medical costs and lost wages) in anticipation of a court judgment or settlement. Call 1-877-USCLAIMS today for the information you need and deserve.

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