What is a Cash Advance on a Pending Lawsuit?

Transfer of money from hand to hand.

Lawsuits often prove lengthy and expensive, which can leave you wondering how you’re going to keep up with your financial commitments. A lawsuit cash advance solves the problem by providing a percentage of the potential settlement up front. Repayment comes from your settlement, so you don’t have to worry about another bill while you’re waiting for your case to resolve.

If you’ve been involved in an accident or incurred other harm through no fault of your own, a cash advance on your pending lawsuit may help when you need financial assistance during the litigation process.

Understanding lawsuit funding: a closer look

Sometimes known as pre-settlement funding or litigation funding, lawsuit funding typically involves a cash advance made to a plaintiff with a lawsuit against the proceeds they anticipate receiving from a settlement or judgment, thereby offering them a monetary lifeline to avoid financial hardship.

While you wait for your lawsuit to resolve, your injuries may prevent you from returning to work and medical bills may pile up. A cash advance on a pending lawsuit can help you stay afloat financially. At USClaims, we want to help you through this difficult time.

Benefits of cash advances on pending lawsuits

If your injuries are the result of a person’s negligence, you’ve probably filed a personal injury claim or medical malpractice lawsuit. Those injuries may be so severe that you need financial assistance to get back on your feet, especially if you can’t work due to problems stemming from your injuries.

If you don’t settle right away, you’re more likely to end up with the settlement amount you deserve. A litigation cash advance from us can help by providing financial stability during the lengthy litigation process. You get funds for your monthly expenses and financial commitments with pre-settlement funding. It can also help you cover medical expenses, including surgery costs, and improve your quality of life overall by reducing stress and worry.

Eligibility criteria and factors considered

There are criteria for eligibility when you need a cash advance on a lawsuit. Once we receive your application and all relevant case documents acquired from your attorney, we review your case, considering its merits, the likelihood of success, and the amount of the potential settlement or judgment — plus the potential for repayment of the lawsuit cash advance.

Based on the outcome of the review, we may offer you a certain percentage of the anticipated settlement or judgment amount. Most eligible plaintiffs applying for and receiving a cash advance on a pending lawsuit get offers for approximately 10 percent of the case’s value, which can vary depending on the injury sustained. We work with your attorney to determine the best plan for you.

Costs and repayment of cash advances

The fees we charge for a cash advance on a pending lawsuit vary. Factors that go into calculating those fees include the potential amount of the settlement or judgment and how long it’s expected to take. We consider those on a case-by-case basis, although all our lawsuit cash advance offers come with low rates and fees plus no hidden surprises. Keep in mind that if your case fails, you’re not obligated to pay us anything for the litigation cash advance, as it’s non-recourse.

Finding a reputable lawsuit funding company

According to a 2020 Bloomberg article[1], litigation funding — also known as lawsuit funding or a cash advance on a pending lawsuit — is a growing industry. The article reported that law firms increasingly use litigation funding, with a fourfold increase in the industry since 2013, and that 28 percent of private practice lawyers use it. Specifically, litigation funding began in the late nineties, gradually moving into a $3 billion industry by 2016. Keep in mind, this was 7 years ago, and the industry continues to grow and flourish thanks to reputable providers such as USClaims.

Bridge the financial gap: trust USClaims for cash advances on lawsuit settlements

When you need money to cover everyday expenses or medical care after an accident and have filed a lawsuit your attorney expects you to win, we can help with pre-settlement funding. This litigation cash advance can help you pay those unexpected injury expenses in anticipation of a court judgment or settlement. Best of all, if you don’t win, you don’t have to pay the litigation funding company.

Need a bit more information? Read through our pre-settlement funding FAQs for answers to your burning questions. When you’re ready to move forward, call 1-877-USCLAIMS for the information you need and deserve when you need a cash advance on a pending lawsuit.


Is this considered a loan?

While a litigation cash advance may share some similarities with a traditional loan, it isn’t one. Instead, a cash advance on a pending lawsuit is a non-recourse cash advance, so you don’t have to pay it back if you don’t settle or win your case and no credit checks are involved. If, however, you obtain the cash advance through fraudulent means, the terms change and repayment is required.

What are the payment terms?

The terms for a cash advance on a lawsuit vary, depending on the details of the case. In most instances, however, it is a straightforward affair, with the agreement you sign clearly laying out the amount you need to pay, which is the amount of the cash advance plus a rate for the passing of time. When your lawyer receives your settlement or judgment, after they deduct their fees and what they spent on litigation expenses, they pay the litigation funding company; then you receive what it left.


• “Explanation of Litigation Finance and How It Works.” Bloomberg Law, pro.bloomberglaw.com/brief/how-litigation-finance-works/.

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