A “Wrong Person” Operation Is Every Patient’s Nightmare Scenario

A “Wrong Person” Operation Is Every Patient's Nightmare ScenarioWhen her abdominal pain became too much to bear, “Renee” (not a real person) finally took her husband’s advice and went to see her doctor. She had acute appendicitis, he said, and would need to have her appendix removed as soon as could be arranged.

Renee knew that surgery was her best option, but still she hesitated out of fear. It was a routine operation, the type that was performed hundreds of times a day at hospitals all over the country, but something tugged at her mind. What if something went wrong? What if she was the one in a hundred, or a thousand, that suffered some catastrophe on the operating table?

Her husband’s soothing words did little to reassure Renee. She dragged her feet a little longer but finally, three days later, she had her operation.

When she woke from surgery, she didn’t feel any better. She still had the pain in her abdomen and, strangely, felt sore on the other side of her body too. Examining herself, she found bandages there, far away from where her appendix should have been removed.

Her husband was sitting nearby and gave her the horrifying news. There had been an error and Renee’s records had been mixed up with another woman’s with a similar name. That woman had been in the hospital to have her kidney removed, but Renee’s had been removed instead. It wasn’t until after the operation that the mistake had been detected.

Shocked, Renee checked herself out of the hospital as soon as she was able. She eventually got her appendix removed at another facility, while her husband helped her file a malpractice suit against the hospital that performed the incorrect operation. Naturally, no one person wanted to claim responsibility for the horrendous mistake, and the case dragged on.

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