U.S. Claims Closes $50 Million Deal

U.S. Claims Closes $50 Million Deal
Renewal of 2-year revolving credit facility supports further growth in litigation funding business.

Renewal of 2-year revolving credit facility supports further growth in litigation funding business.

Delray Beach, FL (November 12, 2019) – DRB Financial Solutions, LLC (DRBfinancial.com), and its wholly-owned subsidiary U.S. Claims (USClaims.com), America’s premier pre-settlement funding company, today announced the two-year renewal of a $50M pre-settlement revolving credit facility. The renewal comes amidst a string of financial transactions that have helped the company improve its offerings and foster further growth.

Steve Bashmakov, the company’s Chief Financial Officer, commented, “This facility is being provided by one of our institutional partners that understands the fundamental credit quality of these assets and the strength of U.S. Claims’ underwriting, origination, and servicing capabilities.”

He continued, “It is a continuation of a long-term commitment with a tremendous partner. We have chosen to renew it because it offers fantastic flexibility as well as attractive pricing and advance rates for our litigation funding business.”
The $50M financing facility is yet another in a series of recent votes of confidence from the capital markets that will help fuel the company’s continued growth.

About USClaims: USClaims (www.USClaims.com) provides litigation funding for plaintiffs, attorneys, and surgeries. Its flagship offering is providing non-recourse financial support to personal injury victims, some of whom may have suffered catastrophic injuries from defective products, unsafe premises, motor vehicle accidents, and other types of accidents; this financial support provides the injured plaintiff the means to pay bills and endure the often long and arduous litigation process.

About DRB Financial Solutions, LLC, (DRB) provides liquidity solutions to individuals and small/medium-sized businesses holding high quality but illiquid assets. Having raised over $1 billion in capital and developed a robust origination platform, DRB is a market leader in four major lines of business: USClaims, CRG Financial, (CRGFinancial.com), DRB Capital (DRBCapital.com) and Producer Advance (ProducerAdvance.com).

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U.S. Claims Closes $50 Million Deal

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