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Accidents occur each and every day. Many accidents, while resulting in painful injuries, are somewhat minor overall. Injury victims may recover quickly and eventually return to their normal way of living, and as though the accident never happened. In other situations, though, the injured victims are not quite as fortunate. In just a matter of seconds, their lives are forever changed. These serious accidents can result in a number of different catastrophic injuries, and in some of the more severe situations, lead to amputation. When filing for an amputation compensation claim, this type of injury is generally divided into three classifications, depending on their severity; they are typically categorized as either complete, incomplete, or degloving.

According to the Amputee Coalition, there are almost two million people in the United States that have had amputations. The same source also reports that of these approximately 45 percent were directly related to trauma or accidents. They also report that every year, there are roughly 185,000 amputations that occur in the United States. These numbers are simply way too high, especially when it’s a negligent individual who was the direct cause of such a catastrophic accident.
Amputations may result from a number of different incidents, including, but not limited to:

  • Auto accidents
  • Medical errors
  • Defective products
  • Workplace accidents
  • Explosions

An amputation can easily change the way a person lives their life. Depending on their line of work, they may no longer be able to perform their on-the-job duties. They may be restricted from certain activities or hobbies as well. The entire process can be emotionally, physically, and financially draining, and it can be especially frustrating knowing that someone’s carelessness was the reason for an amputation. Although you may already be working with an attorney who is experienced in obtaining substantial settlements for victims of catastrophic accidents, you may still be waiting on that amputation compensation claim to cover your medical bills. From surgery to physical therapy, in addition to medical devices to prosthetic limbs, these expenses can add up quickly.

Waiting for that money can be especially burdensome if you haven’t been able to work anymore due to an amputation. At USClaims, we offer pre-settlement funding, if a case is qualified for pre-settlement funding then we would purchase a portion of the proceeds of the anticipated court judgment or settlement for some cash now. USClaims only gets paid if a case is won or has reached a settlement! Apply now or call us today at 1-877-USCLAIMS to learn more.

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