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Getting a cancer diagnosis is never easy, and it can be especially difficult to process when it seems to come out of the blue. Mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer that can affect those who have been exposed to asbestos over a long period of time. According to, about 3,000 new cases of mesothelioma are diagnosed each year in the United States. Often, those exposed to asbestos didn’t even realize they were being exposed to anything that can cause them harm in the future. If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer you may be entitled to substantial compensation through filing an asbestos mesothelioma lawsuit against those who may be responsible for your asbestos exposure including previous company of employment and products containing asbestos.

Used for centuries due to its durability, asbestos is a natural mineral that can be found in over 3,000 consumer products. Eventually, it was discovered that when asbestos fibers were released into the air and inhaled, it can be very harmful. Many workers, for example, were exposed to asbestos on a daily basis, only to find themselves facing serious health issues later on. In fact, the harmful effects of asbestos can take anywhere from 10 to 50 years to manifest.

Aside from mesothelioma, asbestos is reportedly known to cause other harmful conditions, including:

  • Pleural effusion
  • Lung cancer
  • Pleural plaques
  • Asbestosis
  • Pleural thickening
  • Other types of cancers, including kidney and ovarian cancer

Mesothelioma Symptoms


Some of the initial symptoms of mesothelioma include shortness of breath, dry cough or wheezing, and abdomen and/or chest pain, depending on the location of the mesothelioma. This aggressive cancer can affect the lining of the heart, lungs, or abdomen. Prognosis is often poor, and average life expectancy after diagnosis is six to 12 months. You may already have retained legal help from an attorney who is experienced in an asbestos mesothelioma lawsuit, who is working hard at finalizing your case by getting you and your family the financial compensation that is deserved.

Common compensations come from:

There can often be a lot of uncertainty when it comes to waiting for an asbestos mesothelioma lawsuit to finalize. When facing a terminal illness, it’s understandable to want to make sure your family and loved ones will be well taken care of. Although there is no guarantee of when your lawsuit will finalize, USClaims may be able to help you and your family get some money sooner through pre-settlement funding. If a case is qualified for pre-settlement funding then we would purchase a portion of the proceeds of the anticipated court judgment or settlement for some cash now. USClaims only gets paid if a case is won or has reached a settlement! Apply now or call us today at 1-877-USCLAIMS to learn more.

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