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There are so many consumer products that individuals use on a daily basis that not only help make their lives more efficient, but that are also absolutely essential. Consumers typically expect that when they use a product as intended and follow all necessary instructions that nothing will go wrong. Unfortunately, products are sometimes defective, which can result in a wide range of injuries to users. There are different causes of product defects and there are different points in a product’s timeline where something can go wrong, thus resulting in a faulty product. When something goes wrong during the actual production of merchandise, this is known as a manufacturing defect and injured consumers may be able to seek financial damages in a product liability lawsuit.

Product defects, including manufacturing defects, can affect a wide range of things that people use each and every day, such as:

  • Sports and recreation products and facilities, such as swimming pools, playground, and exercise equipment
  • Chemical-based products
  • Children’s products, including toys
  • Furniture and decor
  • Products that pose fire-related threats, such as lighters and fireworks
  • Products related to home maintenance and construction
  • Household items, such as kitchen items
  • Public facilities and products

These different product and manufacturing defects can result in various types of injury, including pediatric poisonings, fires, electrocutions, carbon monoxide poisoning, and submersions.

When it comes to manufacturer defects, automobiles are also a big part of this category, which includes defective automobile parts such as the ignition, brakes, engine, tires, seats, transmission, or other parts of equipment. Some people may end up getting hurt in an auto accident or some other way before a manufacturer defect is apparent; in other cases, manufacturers discover the defect before anyone is hurt and they issue a recall. When a manufacturer issues a recall, vehicle owners are notified by mail within 60 days. This notice will inform vehicle owners about what exactly is defective, and what steps to take next. This may include avoiding using certain features or components of the vehicle; manufacturers will also offer options for vehicle owners to get the defective part replaced or fixed at no cost.

Food is also another consumer category that sometimes receives reports of manufacturer defects. The FDA has reported an extensive list of some of the many types of food items that have been found to be defective on a manufacturer level. Some of the abnormalities that could be found in food and may be labeled as manufacturing defects include items that are insect-infested, moldy, rotten, or food products containing sand and grunt, rodent fecal matter, or other foreign matter. Affected types of foods can include everything from produce to spices, to canned items and flour. High levels of contaminants can result in serious illness and may sometimes be widespread. For instance, there have been reports of contaminated romaine lettuce that infected people with E. coli. One outbreak resulted in hospitalizations and reported cases of kidney failure throughout the country.

It can be tragic when someone is injured simply for using a consumer product. It is unacceptable when this type of injury is a direct result of a manufacturer defect. When a manufacturer is negligent during the production of a consumer item, that manufacturer may be found liable in a product liability lawsuit. Manufacturing defects in products can result in a wide range of injuries, depending on the product. However, they have been known to cause significant pain, serious injury, irreversible damage, and even death. If you or a loved one was injured due to a faulty product’s manufacturing defects, you may already be working with a lawyer on a product liability or wrongful death lawsuit.

There are a lot of variables to consider when it comes to finalizing lawsuits, and no two cases are identical. Many plaintiffs are eager to receive the money from their settlement, and rightfully so. They may have bills and expenses that they need to take care of, many of which resulted from their injuries. As your lawyer works hard on your case, know that you do have another option available to you if you’d like to receive money sooner and without the wait. This alternative option that many plaintiffs take advantage of is pre-settlement funding, which is available through USClaims. Also known as a lawsuit advance, this is a simple way to receive money sooner and without the wait. Contact USClaims to learn more about how the process works and to verify if your case is eligible.

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