Orthopedic Injuries

Pre-Settlement Funding: Orthopedic Injury Lawsuits


When someone is hurt in an accident and there is excessive force on a bone, tendon, ligament, or muscle, an orthopedic injury may result. A significant portion of orthopedic injuries is broken bones. According to the United States Bone and Joint Initiative, two of the three most musculoskeletal conditions and orthopedic injuries reported are due to trauma and back pain. In other words, these muscle injuries and bone fractures can result from a wide range of accidents, such as:

  • Car accidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Slip and fall incidents
  • Construction site accidents

Sustaining a bone fracture or other type of orthopedic injury in an accident can be a frightening and painful experience. The recovery can be a long, painful, and stressful time period. It may require a great deal of physical therapy and other treatments. In some cases, surgery may be needed to correct or improve the issue.

Depending on the extent of the injuries, some people don’t ever fully recover, and certain aspects of their lives may be permanently affected. This can also mean an inability to return to work in some situations while healing from these injuries. Some orthopedic injuries can be permanent, and for some people, this permanent injury can make it difficult (or impossible) to ever return to work. It can be especially disheartening when it was the negligence of another that caused that accident.

A personal injury lawyer may already be working closely with you to get you the justice that you deserve in the form of monetary compensation. A settlement from a personal injury lawsuit won’t just help to cover medical expenses, but it may also cover loss of income, pain and suffering, and loss of quality of life. After all, for some individuals, their lives are never truly the same after sustaining a serious orthopedic injury.

At USClaims, our mission is to help plaintiffs receive their money without the wait. After all, an accident victim should be focusing on their recovery, and not stressing about how they are going to handle their bills and expenses. Unfortunately, after a major accident, many people find themselves in this exact situation. While the settlement they receive from their lawsuit should take care of these things, there is no definite answer as to when the case will finally settle, as there are a lot of factors to consider. If a case is qualified for pre-settlement funding, then we would purchase a portion of the proceeds of the anticipated court judgment or settlement for some cash now. Apply now or call us today at 1-877-USCLAIMS to learn more.

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