Pedestrian Hit-and-Run

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Hit-and-run accidents happen when a driver causes an accident, and instead of remaining at the scene of the accident, they drive away. They may have been driving while intoxicated, speeding, or perhaps they failed to stop at a red light or stop sign. In other cases, drivers are simply being neglectful, or they fail to keep their eyes on the road. They may have been distracted, and perhaps were texting while driving. Regardless of the reason, these drivers know that their actions were the direct result of an accident, and instead of taking responsibility for their actions, they flee. Pedestrians are frequently the victims of these tragic hit-and-run accidents. They are no match for vehicles when it comes to collisions, and even at slow speeds, they can be seriously injured. In many cases, pedestrians die as a result of their injuries.

The Federal Highway Administration has reported that almost 6,000 people throughout the country are killed every year in pedestrian accidents, which equates to approximately 16 people a day. Overall, approximately 110,000 pedestrians are injured in vehicle collisions every year. It has also been reported that pedestrians are 1.5 times more likely to die in accidents involving vehicles than passenger vehicle occupants. These accidents happen everywhere from highways and residential roads to city streets.

Everyone is at risk of getting injured or killed in a pedestrian accident, but some are simply more at risk than others. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that the following may increase the risk of serious or deadly pedestrian accidents:

  • Intoxication, which includes pedestrians as well, since intoxicated pedestrians may have slower reactions to their surroundings
  • Children, who may be too young to understand the dangers of cars
  • The elderly, who may be impaired in one way or another, and because of their frailty, may be easily injured or killed when struck by a vehicle
  • Anyone walking through urban areas, including non-intersection locations, where most pedestrian deaths occur

While fatal pedestrian hit-and-run accidents can and do happen at any hour, it has also been revealed that they are much more common during the evening and very early morning hours. Pedestrians should take proper precautions when it’s dark outside to avoid potential accidents. This can include wearing brightly colored or reflective clothing, avoiding busy streets and intersections if possible, remaining on sidewalks, and following all traffic rules and regulations. Using crosswalks, for example, is imperative when it comes to pedestrian safety, especially in busy cities. Even when pedestrians take these proper precautions, however, a tragic accident can still result. Ultimately, it is up to a motorist to ensure that whenever they get behind the wheel of a car that they are a safe, responsible driver.

When it comes to taking legal action against a negligent driver, hit-and-run lawsuits can be complex. However, if you are already working with an attorney on your case then your attorney will likely fight and try to get the justice you deserve. Even if the responsible driver is never found, your attorney may still be able to recover monetary damages through a personal injury lawsuit.

Because these cases can be particularly complex, they can take a while to finalize. While the specific timeline can be difficult to pinpoint, it is important to explore your other options if you are hoping to receive some money sooner, rather than later. At USClaims, we offer lawsuit advances, which is also commonly referred to as pre-settlement funding. Contact us today to learn more about the process and to find out if your case is eligible.

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