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Whether on vacation or at home, nothing compares to a summer day of fun at the pool. While swimming in a pool is often an enjoyable activity for all ages, it can be easy to forget that activities involving water can quickly become deadly. There are certain precautions that must always be taken when swimming in a pool, especially for those who cannot swim. Even as an experienced swimmer, however, it is always important to be diligent when in a swimming pool. Alas, it only takes a moment for a tragic accident to happen, and people every day lose their lives in these senseless and preventable pool accidents. In some cases, another party may be found negligent, and the victim’s family may be eligible to pursue monetary damages in a lawsuit.

The statistics regarding pool accidents and accidental drownings are staggering, and they expose just how serious the problem is. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that approximately 10 people lose their lives every day in drowning accidents. These statistics specifically do not include accidents related to boating. Children are particularly susceptible to fatal pool accidents, with one in five drowning death victims being children aged 14 and younger. Young children ages one to four are especially at risk and reportedly have the highest drowning rates, with most of these drownings happening at home swimming pools. Additionally, drowning is the leading cause of death for young children in this age group, aside from birth defects. Statistics also show that in just one year alone, at least 163 children under the age of 15 lost their lives by drowning in swimming pools over the summer in the United States, with almost 70 percent of these children being under the age of five.

Not all drownings and pool accidents are fatal, but they can still result in hospitalizations, long recoveries, and severe, lifelong problems. For every child who loses their life in a drowning accident, five more are treated for nonfatal drowning injuries in emergency rooms. Additionally, more than half of all drowning victims who receive care in emergency rooms need to be hospitalized or transferred for further care. Those who survive near-death experiences when it comes to drowning often sustain serious brain injuries, which include permanent loss of basic functioning, learning disabilities, memory loss, and other tragic consequences.

Pool accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, and to anyone. However, the following are some of the risk factors that may increase the chances of drowning in a pool:

  • Inability to swim
  • Certain health issues, such as seizure disorders
  • Alcohol use, which can influence judgment, coordination, and balance
  • Lack of adequate supervision, which is essential when near a swimming pool with children and others who are more prone to drowning
  • Lack of adequate barriers, such as pool fencing that keeps a swimming pool in an enclosed area

Many hotels and vacation resorts have swimming pools on their properties; after all, this is what typically what draws people in. While the swimming pool at a resort can be the highlight of any family vacation, it can quickly turn into a nightmare if the resort did not take proper precautions in protecting all of their guests from potential pool accidents. For example, if a swimming pool is not enclosed in a separately gated area, children who are unable to swim can easily wander into the area, fall into the pool, and drown. It only takes seconds for something like this to happen, and depending on the details of the incident, a resort may be found liable in a lawsuit for this type of pool accident.

Losing a loved one due to a deadly pool accident, or taking care of someone who sustained tragic injuries due to a near-fatal drowning accident, is beyond difficult. No words could ever describe the level of pain that this type of tragedy causes and although no amount of money from a lawsuit could ever make things right, pursuing a case of this nature can help to provide surviving loved ones with the closure they need. The lawyer you have chosen to work with on your case likely understands the range of emotions you’re experiencing and is fighting for the justice that you deserve.

As your case progresses, you may be wondering when everything will eventually finalize. Plaintiffs often rely on this money to cover unexpected expenses, such as medical bills and funeral costs. Because the overall lawsuit process cannot be rushed, plaintiffs can easily become stressed and frustrated when it takes a long time to receive money from a settlement. However, at USClaims, we are happy to offer a widely used solution, which can be the easiest way for you to receive money upfront. Contact USClaims today to learn more about lawsuit advances and to find out if your lawsuit qualifies.

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