Scaffolding Accidents

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While there is undeniably a certain level of risk when it comes to working in the construction industry, the fact is, all construction workers have the right to work in a safe environment. This means that all construction companies have an obligation to follow all safety protocols, and provide their workers with adequate training and the proper safety equipment. Unfortunately, when something crucial is overlooked or corners are cut in an effort to save time and/or money, a devastating accident may occur. One common type of construction accident is scaffolding accidents.

Scaffolds are frequently used on construction sites, in addition to the alteration, renovation, and routine maintenance of an existing site. They are meant to be a safer alternative than working from ladders, stretching overhead, or leaning over edges. Different types of scaffolds include support scaffolds, suspended scaffolds, and adjustable scaffolds. Even though scaffolds are meant to make jobs easier and safer, in some cases, the opposite occurs. Scaffolds must be properly erected and maintained to ensure safety for anyone using this equipment, as well as anyone in or near the worksite.

Scaffolding accidents can typically be categorized into two different types of accidents: falling from scaffolding or being struck from debris that falls from scaffolding. In some cases, scaffolding injuries can be due to electric shock. When it comes to injuries related to falling debris, this not only affects construction workers but can also injure pedestrians who are simply passing by the worksite. OSHA has reported that in addition to debris falling from scaffolding, some scaffolding has been known to collapse completely. Scaffolding accidents can lead to very serious injuries; some of these injuries can be permanent and life-altering. In some situations, scaffolding accidents can be deadly.

According to the state of Michigan, approximately 54 percent of all scaffolding accidents are due to planking problems. Scaffolding equipment should always be inspected before use, and if there are ever any splits, knots, or damage, construction workers should not be expected to use that scaffolding until it is repaired or replaced. If there are ever any doubts about the condition of scaffolding equipment on a worksite, it should never be used until the problem is completely resolved.

Other common causes of scaffolding accidents include:

  • Lack of proper fall protection
  • Failures at attachment points
  • Faulty parts
  • Neglecting to follow proper safety protocols
  • Environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures or high winds

Falls from scaffolds also typically result from other factors, such as improper access, missing guardrails, and missing toe boards. When it comes to structural flaws, injury may occur when a scaffold is not properly secured to the building, there are issues with the base plate or platforms, there are broken pins or issues with the legs, parts of the scaffolding is not secure, or the platform is overloaded.

Whether you were injured in a scaffolding accident as a construction worker or as a passerby, you may already be working with a personal injury attorney to recover monetary compensation in a lawsuit. Because these injuries can be very serious, you may be out of work, whether temporarily or permanently. The loss of income can be taking its toll financially, and on top of the medical bills you’re now facing, you may feel that you have no place to turn. While waiting for your lawsuit to settle, you can turn to USClaims if you’re in need of financial assistance.

At USClaims, we offer pre-settlement funding, also known as a lawsuit advance. This gives you an alternative while you wait for settlement funds. Contact us today to find out more and to see if your case qualifies.

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