Do You Get Paid if You Were Wrongfully Convicted?

Wrongful convictions are very real, and exonerations are on the rise. If you were wrongfully convicted of a crime and were later exonerated, you probably have one question on your mind: do you get paid for being wrongfully convicted? The fact is that, as a victim of a wrongful conviction, you were seriously wronged and now facing an extremely difficult path forward. A criminal conviction – even if wrongful – comes with overwhelming financial and social consequences that can be exceedingly difficult to overcome. In many cases, the wrongfully convicted lose everything, including their assets and their ability to earn a living.

Also, although many people who are wrongfully convicted are able to seek compensation for their losses, it can take months or years to obtain a settlement or judgment in a wrongful conviction case. USClaims is in the business of helping the wrongfully convicted obtain the pre-settlement funding they need upfront in exchange for the purchase of a portion of their court proceeds if they do ultimately prevail in court.

Seeking Compensation

The damages you’ve suffered as a result of being wrongfully convicted are immeasurable and could include some or all of the following:

  • Loss of Social Standing – Even though you were exonerated for the charges you faced, the fact that you were incarcerated can lead to social stigma that is nearly impossible to shake. 
  • Loss of Important Relationships – Many people who are wrongfully convicted end up losing their most important relationships, including their marriages and a close relationship with their children and/or other family members.
  • Loss of Property – The property that you owned before you were incarcerated is very likely to be long gone by the time you are released. Often these assets are liquidated for funding of one’s original legal defense.
  • Loss of Earnings – Incarceration keeps you out of the job market, and it is unlikely that you’ll reenter this market where you left off. It’s far more probable that you’ll face employment setbacks (if you’re able to find a job at all). 
  • Loss of Profession – If you had professional licensure, it’s likely that you lost it with a conviction, and even though you have been exonerated, you probably haven’t been able to do what it takes to keep that licensure. In other words, your chosen career may be a thing of the past – or very difficult to resume at the very least. 
  • Health Losses – Prison life is not a healthy one, and inmates commonly suffer health consequences as a result of poor nutrition, fewer opportunities for healthy activity, less time spent outdoors in the fresh air, cramped living quarters, and much more. With the global pandemic we find ourselves living through, this is an even more important concern. The fact that COVID-19 hits highly populated institutions like prisons the hardest only serves to exacerbate the problem.
  • Mental Health Concerns – In addition to your physical health, your mental health can be seriously damaged by a wrongful conviction. The stress of living through a nightmare of such magnitude could take anyone down, and you’re likely to face considerable mental health needs upon release. 

A dedicated wrongful conviction attorney will aggressively advocate for compensation that covers your complete range of damages, and pre-settlement funding from USClaims can help you cover your immediate personal needs while your skilled legal defense is fighting for your rights.

Seek Just Compensation with the Help of Pre-Settlement Funding from USClaims 

The answer to the earlier question – do you get paid for being wrongfully convicted? depends on the facts of your case and whether a successful wrongful conviction case. USClaims is committed to helping qualified claimants meet their financial needs while their cases are pending.We accept complete financial responsibility by providing you with funds up front that we don’t see a return on unless you reach a settlement or are awarded compensation by the court. Our investment in your case purchases a predetermined portion of that settlement or award, and if neither is forthcoming, we receive no return on our investment. To learn more or to apply for pre-settlement funding today, please don’t hesitate to contact or call us at 1-877-USCLAIMS.

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