How Does Interest Work on a Pre-Settlement Advance?

A Guide to Pre-Settlement Advance and Interest


When considering your options for paying your bills while waiting for a personal injury claim to settle, be sure to consider pre-settlement loans. For many plaintiffs, even waiting months for their claim’s settlement or jury verdict is too long to go without money to pay their bills. By allowing USClaims to purchase a portion of your expected compensation proceeds, you will alleviate your financial stress and focus on healing from your injuries.

What Fees Do Pre-Settlement Loans Require?

When USClaims approve you for lawsuit funding, you owe nothing upfront. In fact, unlike lines of credit and traditional loans, we don’t even require monthly payments from our clients. We know that our clients need money now and cannot pay any up-front fees or make monthly payments.

Your origination fee and interest will be added to the principle of your lawsuit funding and will not be due until you receive compensation for your injuries. You can receive the funds you need and not worry about any interest or fees until your claim is settled.

How Does Interest Work on Pre-Settlement Loans?

When you agree to allow us to purchase a predetermined amount of your compensation proceeds, we will inform you of the interest rate and how the interest is calculated for your funding. There are no hidden fees. You have nothing to track, and your interest rate or its calculations won’t change over time. However, the longer the funding is outstanding, the more interest will accrue.

Once you receive a settlement or court award, your attorney will contact us to determine the total amount, including any interest and fees currently due on your pre-settlement loan. After receiving the monies for your compensation, your attorney will send us a check for the determined amount.

How Much for Lawsuit Funding Will I Be Approved?

Pre-settlement loan amounts are determined on a case by case basis. Your approval is not based on your creditworthiness or your income. Instead, you must be represented by an attorney on a contingency fee basis. We will speak to your attorney to learn more about your case. Your approved amount will depend on several factors, including:

  • When your case is expected to settle or go to court
  • The likelihood of receiving a settlement or court award
  • How much your attorney anticipates your case to be worth

Not only do these factors determine if you are approved, but they can also assess your interest and fees. Your loan is funded based on the merits of your case and not your credit score or employment.

Do I Still Pay Interest If My Case Doesn’t Settle?

If your case does not end in a settlement or compensatory court award for your injuries, you owe us nothing. You won’t pay us for any of the principal or interest on the loan or any fees associated with your pre-settlement funding.

Why Choose USCLAIMS?

When you need funding before your claim settles or receives a court award, you need a reputable company you can trust. At USCLAIMS, we have over 25 years’ experience helping people just like you. In the last ten years alone, we have provided $500 million to our clients and funded 52,000 cases. Our interest rates are some of the lowest in the industry, and we never ask you to pay the interest until your case settles. We are proud to be members of the American Legal Finance Association (ALFA), which holds its members to high ethical standards and fair business practices for pre-settlement funding.

It is important to us that our clients understand how this process works and what fees will be owed once they receive their compensation. When you accept any loan, it is imperative that you understand all associated interest and fees and their due dates. Before you agree to receive your funds, we will make the terms of your loan clear to both you and your attorney in your purchase agreement. You will have the opportunity to review this agreement with your attorney and ask us any necessary questions.

Turn to the experts in the pre-settlement loans industry. We offer quick funding and a no-nonsense approach to your financial needs. To get started, you can apply online, or call us at 1-877-USCLAIMS today.

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