What Kind of Compensation Can I Expect if I Was Wrongfully Convicted?

Wrongful convictions represent a terrible injustice, but they do happen. In fact, with increased focus, more and more wrongful convictions are coming to light. If you were wrongfully convicted, served time, and were later exonerated, no amount of compensation can ever right the wrong that you experienced. Wrongful convictions can have significant and long-lasting repercussions, including substantial financial problems. It’s not uncommon for people who have been wrongfully convicted to lose their jobs, their assets, and find it hard to make a living even after being exonerated of any wrongdoing. 

This is where USClaims can help. We offer litigation funding to people with qualifying wrongful conviction cases so that they can meet their financial obligations while they are waiting to receive their settlement or award. Best of all, if your case isn’t successful, we take a loss on our investment, and you don’t owe us anything. Call us today to learn more and find our if you qualify.

Considering Your Losses

It’s important to point out that every wrongful conviction case is unique to the exact case in question and that every state has its own laws on the books. Some of the damaging effects that a wrongfully convicted tend to experience are the following:

  • Physical and Mental Health Concerns – The health care provided in our nation’s prisons and jails is remedial at best, and every inmate is likely to experience a decline in health in one capacity or another and to one degree or another. Further, the mental health concerns associated with being incarcerated in the first place – and being wrongfully incarcerated to make matters worse – can be overwhelming. This health component of your damages may be extensive.
  • A Decline in Social Status – There is a pronounced social stigma when it comes to the formerly incarcerated, and exoneration doesn’t negate this stigma. Although you’ve been released from prison as a result of your wrongful conviction, you are likely to face many of the same challenges any other former inmate would. Further, your record won’t necessarily reflect your exoneration, which exacerbates the dilemma considerably. 
  • Severed Relationships – Spending a considerable amount of time behind bars can sever one’s close relationship and leave you especially vulnerable upon release. We all look to our family, loved ones, and friends in times of need, and leaving prison to begin again without a support system certainly qualifies as a time of need. The social ramifications of wrongful convictions can be among the most difficult to overcome.   
  • Lost Assets – The assets you had before you were convicted very likely went directly to paying for your defense or has since evaporated while you were awaiting for justice. It is very difficult to pick up and begin again with no funding to back you up. Further, poverty tends to beget deeper poverty, which leaves you even more vulnerable to dire circumstances. 
  • Lost Earning Potential – It’s difficult to overstate exactly how damaging incarceration (even wrongful incarceration) can be to your ability to earn. If you had a career when you were sentenced, it’s very unlikely that it will be waiting for you post-conviction. Further, looking for a job after release is often an uphill battle (that social stigma mentioned earlier is very real). 

You can address all of these categories of damage – as they relate to your circumstances – in your pursuit of wrongful conviction compensation 

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If you were wrongfully convicted and experiencing financial difficulties, USClaims may be able to help. We invest in qualified applicants’ legal defense in exchange for a portion of their settlements or court awards. Ultimately, if you aren’t compensated for your losses, we take the financial loss and you will owe us nothing. Seek personal justice today by contacting or calling us at 1-877-USCLAIMS for more information or to apply for pre-settlement funding today.

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